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Room nearby supermarket and bus stop

Sibeliuslaan 57 /EEindhoven

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Area measure: 18 m2
Total rent: €470.52 p/m

2-person apartment with private balcony and 1 bedroom

Dr Hermansweg 178 Eindhoven

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Area measure: 44 m2
Total rent: €558.89 p/m

Apartment with one bedroom in an old school building

Balsemienplein 15 AEindhoven

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Area measure: 30 m2
Total rent: €736.07 p/m

“HuizeSchrael” is looking for a pleasant, sociable new roommate.

Boutenslaan 14 /HEindhoven

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Area measure: 23 m2
Total rent: €672.28 p/m