New students

You are coming to Eindhoven for your studies in the Netherlands. Great that you will be living in one of our student residences!

We understand that you require information about COVID-19 to prepare for your trip. Of course, you will also want to know which rules are applicable in the Netherlands. 

The Dutch government hosts informative websites that are kept up to date. We have listed them for you:

Travel to the Netherlands: Is that allowed? What do I need to consider? Read here:

  • about the differences between the EU member states and non-EU countries.
  • about the entry ban with regard to various countries.
  • about the exceptions (7) (as of 14 July: students are still permitted entry into the Netherlands).
  • about visa requirements (12).

Entry into the Netherlands: 

Are you travelling from a country with a travel restriction in place? As a student, you are still allowed to travel. Read here about:

  • Visa requirements
  • Which documents to bring
  • The direct flight
  • Quarantine

A health certificate and mouth covering are required on flights.

Once in the Netherlands:

In general:

Our government constantly evaluates the situation in our country and neighbouring countries. If needed rules will be adjusted. You can follow them here:

Coronavirus advice in brief | Coronavirus COVID-19 |


COVID-19 vaccination | RIVM

If you feel sick
Read more here about testing and when you can request a test:

In the Netherlands, everyone who is experiencing symptoms can be tested. This includes tourists and foreign students. Individuals can call the national number: 0800-1202. When calling this number, you can indicate that you would like to speak in English. In which case, the results will also be provided in English.
It is okay if you do not have a BSN (a citizen service number). 

While registering for a test, students may choose which location they would like to visit. In Eindhoven, a testing street is located nearby the carpark of IJssportcentrum Eindhoven. The address is: Anton Coolenlaan 3.

Are you sick? Report this to your educational institution and to us.

Grocery shopping
In the Netherlands, many of the supermarkets offer online shopping. Check out:

Log on to your building's Facebook page and ask if someone can bring you your groceries.